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Erotic Schiphol Massage

Erotic Schiphol Massage

Erotic or sensual massage has been practiced in many countries over the years, in particular, the Eastern and Asian countries. The erotic massage as we know it today has its roots in these countries and dates back thousands of years. To them, it was more a spiritual and sensual experience, where today it’s more focused on the sexual experience. The Chinese learned that the art of massage helped with the overall well being of the human body together with a sensual relaxation.

The Indians, on the other hand, had a more universal and deep understanding of the human senses as its goal and coupled to that, ultimate sexual release. The modern Erotic massages have developed over the years, to suit the individual client’s needs. With each type of massage offering its unique way of giving pleasure to the recipient. Below you will find some of the most popular, and you can freely select the type that suits your needs most.

Nuru Massage at Schiphol

Nuru massage or in some cases may also be called the body-to-body massage. It is given by both parties being naked and oiled or unoiled if you prefer. Your Schiphol Escort will then massage your body with hers, to create a sensual body contact. With the oil being applied, there is a slippery exotic feeling to the experience, and that is why it’s called the Nuru massage, as Nuru means slippery in Japanese. Usually, this message is taken in conjunction with another service to give you, the client, the best Schiphol Escort Experience possible.

Schiphol Tantra Erotic Massage

The Tantra Erotic Massage is a derivative from an ancient Indian massage which was practiced over two thousand years ago. The main aim is to massage the whole body, together with the sexual organs as well as all the erogenous parts of the body. Tantra has ecstasy as its main core and focuses on the magic between the giver and receiver and thereby increasing the sensual expectation. It does not necessarily focus on the result, but more so on the experience and the pleasure thereof. However modern Tantra Exotic Massage has evolved to bring the client to a great climax. Bravo, to recent development.

Schiphol Erotic Prostate Massage

Stimulating the prostate gland is the main aim of the Erotic Prostate Massage. As it is well known that the prostate is the sexual gland of the male. The process involves the massaging of the genitals, the outer anus and the prostate gland itself. Your Escort from Schiphol will be well versed in the process, and the pleasure to you is fabulous. What is very popular, is when the Erotic Prostate Massage is linked with the Lingam or as some clients call it the Penis Massage. As all of them are so closely related they give added pleasure, and the result is a lot more explosive.

Dutch 4 Hand Massage

Imagine two beautiful Schiphol Escorts giving you an all-over body massage. This is often also called the Duo Erotic Massage, but as we are in the Netherlands, we prefer Dutch 4 Hand Massage. Two Escorts from Schiphol, you all oiled up, and the imagination runs wild, what will the result be? Often this leads to a full body-to-body massage, and that with two, not one, but TWO gorgeous naked bodies sliding all-over yours and giving you the massage of a lifetime. Are you ready for this? Then put it on your list when you next book one of our Schiphol Escort Experiences.

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