Schiphol Escort Service
Schiphol Escort Prices

Schiphol Escort Price Overview

We’ve provided an overview of our main Schiphol escort services. We do however recommend that should someone want bespoke services to please contact us directly so that we may give a more accurate costing.


Standard Escort Service

  • Sex and Oral Sex
  • Taxi Included
  • Quick Delivery


Erotic Massages

  • Erotic Massage
  • Happy Ending Included
  • Taxi Included
  • Oils etc provided


Couples Escort Service

  • Threesome both parties
  • Taxi Included
  • Sex and Oral Sex

Extra Charges

The base price does not include all charges. As a result, if you are looking for a specialized escort service, this will need to be added on top of the base prices. The only time this is not true is for longer bookings, in which case certain services are part on the package and thus free.

How to Pay

Payment can be made either by cash or credit card. When paying by credit card, there will be an additional levy applied to the cost. We advise customers to pay by cash if possible as its cheaper and less complicated.With regards to cash payments, we also accept various foreign currencies. However, we will put a small conversion charge on the price.